Complex Roof on Curved 70s House


Hi there,
I’m trying to put a roof on a house with curved front and back faces. The roof itself should be flat but with a slope that heads towards the back of the house. The photo I attached shows the measured ceiling heights at the front and back of the main room. I suspect I could use curviloft to help but I just can’t wrap my head around it. Any advice?
Thanks in advance!



The photo failed to upload.
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As @Geo says, your attempted screenshot hasn’t worked.

However, if I have understood your issue, it seems fairly simple. I am assuming that your roof structure is essentially a flattened box. I would start by creating the walls and extruding them up either to their maximum actual height or a bit higher. Make them a component. I would then create my flat roof “box” and make that a component. Then tilt the roof to the falls you want. Finally use Solid Tools to trim the wall component to the roof.