Complex curved objects


Hello, I would like to ask for advice regarding the reproduction of objects with asymmetrical curves, like the one in the picture. I tried in different ways but I just can not reproduce it.
What is the correct procedure for obtaining these geometric shapes and which are the most suitable plug-ins? Thanks.


A lofting plugin, such as Curviloft from the developer Fredo6, or TIG-Extrude from the developer TIG, are both well-suited for creating shapes that curve in two planes. Both plugins are available from the SketchUcation plugin store.


Thank you very much for helping. I installed Curviflot and I’m trying to build the object in the previous photo.
I thought to divide the shape of the upper part in half (picture) and extrude it but I have great difficulty. As you can see, it is not a simple sphere, but there are elliptic and angular parts that are difficult to match. I’m wrong method? I’m open to notes and suggestions. Thanks again!


Any suggestions?