Colour missing

May I know why my object colour is blue? Suppose is yellow

We’ve seen this reported before. It has to do with graphics drivers needing to be updated.

What is the graphics card in your computer? Are you really using SketchUp 2014 Make?

Is my company pc, graphic card is AMD580, sketchup version is 2014v pro, same problem in 2015v pro…but when I open in 2017version make, it was ok.

Why does your profile say ‘610’?

Your profile says 2014 Make. Please correct your profile.

Graphics pipeline is different between those versions.

Update the graphics drivers directly from Radeon/AMD.

610 is my own pc no problem,the problem is when I using company pc Radeon AMD580

610 what?

As I’ve told you twice already, update the Radeon graphics drivers. Or use your own computer.