Colors Keep Blending as I Zoom In[Uploading: Colors in Frame Change as Zoom In.gif…]()

Colors in Frame Change as Zoom In
Apr 9 7 pm.skp (194.7 KB)
I made a frame for a window, pulled it up 0.1" so there would be no Z fighting and created a pattern within colored yellow & black.

As I zoom in & out, the yellow & black colors keep moving. Why is that?

Peter Enns

There is loose geometry overlapping your Frame.

Cut it. Then open the frame for editing and use paste in place to put it inside of the Frame.


Please watch the attached MP4 file.

When I made that colored section into a group, didn’t that mean that there not longer was loose geometry?

Peter Enns

It looked correct in your video.

In the version of the file you provided above there is no “Frame, colored portion” group. I presume the loose geometry I found is what you made into that group.

That’s good.

But, the issue remains that the geometry of the colored portion has no thickness and therefore the faces still share the same space even though the geometry is correctly separated using groups.

So, in the video below, I take the loose geometry and turn it into a group. Then I pull the face out a bit to get it off the face of the other frame.


Thank you. I pulled the color section up 0.1" and things worked perfectly.

Peter Enns

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