Group objects disappear when i zoom in



the objects i have grouped keep disappearing when i orbit or zoom in


search the forum for “clipping” or “image clipping” or similar, there is a lot about it already posted

essentially it boils down to a few things, the most common being having geometry far from the UCS origin


yes, read those forums nothing works out


Share the SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.



By disappearing, are you referring to what is shown in the GIF?


yes… isnt it disappearing?


What I’m seeing and showing in the GIF is normal, designed behavior when models are overly detailed. Geometry is supposed to temporarily drop out while the camera is moving/zooming to allow the camera movement/zoom to be smoother. It doesn’t hurt anything during normal modeling. Simplifying the model can help to reduce when it occurs.

By the way, you really should correct the face orientation on your model. All of the blue faces are reversed and should be corrected. I’d suggest doing that now before you do any additional modeling. In future models, you should stay on top of the face orientation as you go to save you work later on.


okay…thanks alot for reviewing


Slightly off topic…
A lot of your geometry have reversed faces.
You should only see off-white - the blue-gray is the face’s back…
These can be easily reversed as you model.
Failing to do this can result in a messy model - causing problems with renderers and even 3dPrinting down the line…


Also, you should get in the habit of purging unused stuff from your models. I purged this one and got rid of all this:


i reversed a few faces and they stopped disappearing thnx