Color White in 3D model

I’m a new Sketchup user. I have created a street sign with white letters and a green background. When I try to import the Sketchup file into Vissim(traffic modeling software), the street sign imports with gray letters not white letters. Anything that is white in Sketchup shows a dark gray color in Vissim. All other colors show correctly in Vissim.
What could be causing the white color in Sketchup to be gray in Vissim?

I will greatly appreciate any help.



Not familiar with Vissim but a common issue when importing SketchUp models into other software is that faces have the wrong orientation. If you look at the model in SketchUp with the Face Style (View menu) set to Monochrome, what color is the sign?

The whole sign is white including the background color.

Maybe you could share the file?

MainSt.Ver2018-2.skp (160.8 KB)


I have Sketchup Pro 19.2 but I have to save the file as Sketchup 2018 to be compatible with Vissim.

Background color is white but the letters are reversed (blue faces). Try reversing the the face orientation on the letters.

MainSt.Ver2018-2.skp (94.7 KB)

I reversed the orientation of the faces as you instructed, but the letters are still gray in Vissim. I think the issue is with Vissim. I will contact them for technical support. I greatly appreciate your help.

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Good luck.

Did you try actually painting the front faces of the letters with the white color. I’m away from my computer right now so I can’t look.

Yes, I did. If I paint them any color but white, they show up in Vissim in the correct color.

Hmmm. What if you edit the white color to have RGB values of 254, 254, 254?

I tried it and it did not work.

Is it possible that Vissim is just shading the white? Are there any controls for the direction of the light?

Can you share what you are seeing in Vissim?


Can you change the view so you are looking more straight on at the sign? From your screen shot this just looks like shading to create the 3D appearance. Notice how the green on the front of the sign is darker than the top and right edges. SketchUp does the same sort of shading.

The green color on the side/edge is correct. It is lighter than the green in the front. VissimStreet%20Sign2

From what I’m seeing in your screen shots, this is a rendering issue with Vissim.

I colored the thickness a lighter green because I was testing to see if Vissim was darkening the colors from Sketchup. But only the color white seems to be affected. All other colors import correctly.

I sent the Vissim developers a screenshot too and I’m waiting to hear from them.