Color sets and styles for color blind users?

Can somebody give me some recommendations for a color blind color sets/ styles with sketchup?

Also interested in any other tips or tricks for color blind/ low vision users.


Not sure what your needs are, but for example I have scene presets with styles for editing and presentation. The editing has garish yellow & purple to distiguish front & back and see if the lines are on axis: green/red/cyan.

I taught SU to a colourblind guy, can’t remember what variation he had, but basic style was ok.
What I recall doing is taking 10 minutes BEFORE we started to adjust axis (in the preferences) and style parameters. The axis were ok, he could still differentiate them, but he changed one (red?) to a more contrasted colour.

recto/verso faces were not impacted, nor was the background, only the inferences, but here they display as text (an extremity is a green dot, but it’s also written onscreen). we also changed a few things in the last parameter section (the blue cube) of styles.

you won’t find a massive trick for all of them, since it’s different afflictions that have different impact, but yeah, take extra time with each and every of them to ensure comfort.

I am somewhat red/green colour blind but generally I can manage with the default setup. If I changes something I would switch either the green or red axis colour so that its luminosity would differ from the other, as now I sometimes confuse them. Back face colour is best made as glaring as possible.

Very useful thank you!