Colourblind perception

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out of curiosity…
what colour can you perceive as being ‘different’?

I started a plugin ages ago, but as I’m not colour blind myself, it went to the back burner…


eh, kind of hard question to answer as I don’t know what colours look like to you :slight_smile: There are supposedly a variation of colourdefects. When ive tested it (on an app) the one i have is called Deuteranopi… google it for a better explanation than the one i can give you.

It’s not a huge problem. But typically when there are some functionalities connected to colours, i don’t register until i’m told to look for it. Like wobbly lines in MS Word - i just recently learned that some are green and some are red, depending on if it’s a grammatical error or a spelling error?! To me it’s just been wobbly line=something is not right. Or electrical chargers that will have a red light while charging, then switch to a green light when done… i wish it was a red/white light instead. I can see the difference between a ripe and not ripe tomato, but i cannot find the ripe strawberries among all the green leaves, untill i come really close and actually see the shape of the strawberries.

So to a colourblind, any time there is a colour-coded functionality, it’s good (if possible) if there is also either some letters or some patterns to go with that colour code (like red-dotted lines and green-wobbly lines).
Does that give you a clue?

From what i know, about 20% of western mean (12% in Asia or Africa) have some sort of colourblindness - that’s quite a lot (and a lot of them don’t know about it). Only 0,1% of women… I’m unique! :slight_smile:

I have the same kind of red/green colour blindness as you (being male, it is not so uncommon) so I too have sometimes wished for the ability to adjust the SketchUp axis colours (for instance, to make the red or green lighter) to make them more distinguishable.

Women need to get the gene from both their parents, as it is recessive and carried in the X chromosome. So probably your father is colour blind, too.


There was quite a discussion about this back in June…

oh yes, my father is definitely colorblind. And my mother must be a carrier. So my daughters are carriers, but since none of my brothers are colourblind they are not passing on the gene.

thank you, I’ll look into that discussion