Color selector current selected color box

I attach a screen capture. My selected color is shown by a pale gray box. It is too hard to find with these tired eyes.

Is there anyway to change the default to some bright red?

If you look down toward the bottom of the Colors panel you should also see the current material in a thumbnail on the left side of the palette area (the grid of little white boxes). Does that help you identify the selected material?

It does. But it does not popup the group (i.e. “Colors in Model” vs. Landscape etc.) so you have to select “Colors in Model” and then search for a hard to find light gray box.

In a plethora of colors and materials, it can be a search and should not be. Maybe the selected color/texture would show in the top bar with a brightly colored indicating square down in the grid.

Just a thought.

Understood. On the PC it’s easier to see the selected material.

I wonder if that color is something that can be customized on Mac. I bet @john_drivenupthewall would know.

I like it! Someone help me make this happen.

Maybe one more straw for the move to Windows. But then I would miss the $1,000 stand.

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