Color by Tag: Positioning and adjusting textures

Using a textured image as the tag fill color when using Color by Tag, is there a way to adjust or reposition the texture?

Adjusting the size, color and opacity

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You can’t reposition the texture since it isn’t applied to faces in the model.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Too bad.


and ‘reposition the texture’ in Color by Tag :wink:


Thank you, that last clip helps a lot.

When a texture is applied to an object using Color by Tags, it appears the texture is mapped (anchored?) relative to the object’s axis. (If the object is an ungrouped face, the axis is the model’s) Move the axis and the texture moves accordingly or move the faces within the object (the axis remaining stationary), and the texture moves relative to the faces but remains stationary relative to the axis.


The Texture position of the Tag will synchronize with the Texture Position of the Material


That’s pretty interesting. It seems there are a bunch of ways to position Color by Tag textures. Thanks.