Color: by axis and by material

Hallo @Mark, in the free web based version I do miss the option to apply: edges > ‘color > by axis’ and ‘color > by material’. Could both be implemented as sort of a switch or slider, just like being able to toggle X-ray on/off? Or something similar to enable displaying these styles.

edited: web based version(s) to free web based version

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Thanks @mihai.s, but that is for shop only. not for the free version.
Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 16.15.21

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Hey Gerit,

@mihai.s’s demo of changing those edge settings via edting styles in SketchUp for Web is how we do it today. But I basically agree with the premise of your question: that many display settings are for modeling, not just style composition. Both of these display commands are on our radar to add to Search; I’ll take a look at whether it would be suitable to implement them via a switch/toggle.


Hi @Mark, I don’t mind them being there to reach via styles options (more or less like in the desktop version). But the options are completely lacking from the free web version.

For the time being, yes.

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