Still can't change line color in sketchup free for Web?


I saw a mention of “styles” somewhere, but can’t find those either. If I try to apply a “material”, nothing happens. I imagine because of the weight of the line or it’s edge color, but can’t find how to change those either. For the moment, all I need is the ability to have red lines and black lines.


Are these Styles you looking for them?


I don’t think Free has the ability to edit styles. Shop may have it and Make/Pro have.


Thanks, I tried styles and applied the color red to the lines, but the don’t show. Maybe it is only the faces of surfaces it can apply them to.


SketchUp for Web has the same rendering engine like SketchUp for Desktop.
I’d be curious if a file displays line colors correctly if you

  • first create it in the desktop version with a default line style “line color by material
  • and then open in SketchUp for Web (upload into Trimble Connect, not import into a new file).