Cloud Storage Not Syncing Desktop to Web?

I just purchased SketchUp, which offers cloud storage via Trimble Connect. I can see my models in Trimble Connect on both the web and desktop versions but they don’t sync. When I make changes in Desktop, I don’t see them on Web and vice versa.

Why are my changes not being synced?

Are you just clicking on Save in the Desktop version of SketchUp? If so, that saving is done locally. You need to Publish the model to your Trimble Connect storage by clicking on File>Trimble Connect>Publish Model or >Publish As…

Generally it is advised that you save and work on locally saved files and only upload/publish to the cloud.

I have to do it manually? Cloud storage should mean Dropbox-esque syncing, where it happens automatically.

Also, “publish” is not the term they should use. It makes me think I’m going to publish it to the community, not save it to the cloud.

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When you want to sync your project data, you need to consider what location is gonna act as the ‘main’ placeholder, the cloud or a folder(structure) on your machine. While the cloud could be used easily with he premium web based modeler, you need to use the (shipped when installing) extension Trimble Connect (In the desktop version or ‘client’, go to View->Toolbars and enable Trimble Connect.
Caveat, you need to open a new (empty) file first, then, you can open a file from the cloud (File->Trimble Connect->Open File

If you are more of a desktop kind of person and like to work with data that is stored on your local machine, you can still have everything synced without bothering to use the extension, you can download the Trimble Connect sync app from your app’s page, accessible through the browser,, sign in and click on the little raster icon in the top right.

Install, create some projects in the cloud and have it synced automatically or manually.

Check this thread, where a method is shown to have your libraries synced:

In a similar boat as OP, in that I just moved to desktop, and was very surprised that desktop doesn’t want to use TC as working folder. Even opening files from TC is very flimsy - the working file ends up six folders deep into /var, and default Save after my first two test edits throws a “file was changed by another app” warning.

After reading up, I don’t feel TC Sync is a robust enough solution - does feel geared to project management, not library management, as phrased above.

Does anyone have any strong feelings RE putting working Sketchup files inside /Dropbox/ on Mac?

cloud storage yes. do no open or save to the cloud. best practice download file to desktop, work on it, save to desktop, move to cloud. saving and opening from cloud can often cause a corrupt file,


exactly my fear.