Clothworks License

I had a working Clothworks license prior to its latest revision and prior to SketchUp 2021. Now that I am using SU 2021, I downloaded the latest (and apparently working) revision of Clothworks, but it doesn’t seem to recognize my previous license. And, I do know how to “upgrade” my Clothworks license. Any suggestions? I had no luck with trying the Sketchucation Toolset solution.

You should post your question in the Clothworks thread on Sketchucation. Actually, if you read that thread you’ll find the answer.

I thought I did. Sorry if I did read and understand it. Regardless, I re-installed the 4.0 Toolset and, after leaving and reentering SU, it successfully installed this time, and I then went through the Clothworks licensing and validation process - re-pointing Clothworks to look in “… /AppData/Local/SCFLicense” instead of “… /AppData/Local/SCF” where it had been looking in the earlier version.

Again, sorry.