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I have used the license versions of Cloth Works and Profile Builder in Sketchup 2019 classic how do I transfer them to my new version Sketchup Studio 2020 I do not have any license numbers

Did you install them, all ready?
At some point, you must have entered it. Check email for ‘license’ ‘mindsight studios’ ‘clothworks’ etc

For Clothworks, make sure you install the Sketchucation Tools and sign in through it to your Sketchucation account.

Yes but paid for them and installed from link and as I remember no license number was sent separately.
thanks any way

Thanks will try your advise

For ClothWorks, the license is materialized by a file (typically SCF_Purchased_License_xxx.scflicense) that you received from Sketchucation right after you purchased the extension license.

This file should be somewhere on your computer, or you could retrieve it in your emails. It can be re-used for installing in SU2020 in the validation process. Since it is the same computer, it would not count fro an additional license seat.

I wonder if you could help me more I saved the email but it will not open, what do use to open it, so can either copy the number or make note of it thanks for your first answer which made me look.

You don’t need (and must not) open the file. Just save it in a safe place on your computer (I mean a place where you will find it later).

Instead, go to ClothWorks License… menu. This will popup a dialog box.

Click on the button Validate License. This will prompt you for the License file (with extension .scflicense).

It will validate the license and you get this status

Then, you are ready to go…

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For Profile Builder 3, and all SketchUp plugins by mind.sight.studios, you’ll want to check out the Help Desk. This is a common question and we have dedicated articles to cover it.


Thankyou for taking the time to reply I wil look at their help desk as you suggest.