Closing a shape with concave corners?


I’m making a winner’s podium and wanted it to have a curved base. Hopefully these screenshots do it justice.

It’s perfectly drawn out and symmetrical but I can’t figure out how to close it with faces. Can anyone help? I’d really appreciate it.


Draw a profile and use Follow Me to sweep it around the rectangle at the base.

Screenshot - 7_29_2015 , 5_59_48 PM

In the background: Rectangle as a path. Profile in green. Select the entire path, get the Follow Me tool and click on the profile. Results in the foreground.

If you don’t want a hole in the middle, get the Line tool and trace an edge so it fills in.


Investing an afternoon watching the SketchUp Video Tutorials will save you untold hours of frustration.

Follow Me Tool


Thanks! This worked, but my “slope” is really stepped. I can’t get it to match the colors of the podium, because the light hits it so differently with each step. Yours is looking pretty smooth, but is that because it’s just white?


It could be that the faceting is due to hidden instead of softened edges between them. Mine are softened. What say you share the SKP file? It might provide some helpful information.

It might also be due to the fact that you have shadows turned on while I didn’t. Changing the time and date might improve the appearance.