I can't get these faces to close

Diamond.skp (160.8 KB)

I don’t know what process you followed to create that (or if maybe it was imported from CAD), but somehow the SketchUp model’s database has gotten messed up in ways that will make it very difficult to repair. This isn’t a particularly complicated model, so I’d be inclined to delete it and start over. The way I would do it is:

  • Draw the outer rectangle 12’x2’ 6"
  • Use the offset tool to create another rectangle inset 3" into the outer one.
  • Select the top edge of the inner rectangle, right-click and choose “divide”. Type 20 to divide the edge into 20 equal pieces.
  • Using inferences from the end of the first edge piece and the center of the end edge, draw two X’s at one end of the inner rectangle.
  • Select the edges making up the X’s and move a copy so that it aligns with the endpoint of the original
  • type *19 to repeat the copy across the rest of the inner rectangle.


Thank you very much.

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