Clicked something by mistake and everything went blue and flipped

Please help! I randomly clicked something and my entire model flipped sides and everything went blue…I cant undo, seems like I randomly did something to a setting?! It was maybe two clicks…how can I fix please?
skp file below

1st floor 2d floorplan skp.skp (2.7 MB)

Show us at least a screen shot of what you are seeing. Better, share the .skp file.

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Done, thank you Dave

Look in the upper left corner of the model window. Note that it shows you’ve chosen the Bottom view. Go to Camera>Standard Views and choose Top.

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Oh wow, I feel rather silly, thank you! Dave to the rescue again!

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No worries.

Remember what i told you about tag usage. You’ve got the incorrect tag thing going on again.
Screenshot - 12_2_2021 , 2_14_10 PM

And remember to purge unused stuff.
Screenshot - 12_2_2021 , 2_15_26 PM

A little more than 91% file size reduction.
1st floor 2d floorplan skp purged.skp (246.6 KB)

Oh my gosh…one day I’ll get it! I thought I was doing a little better as I was careful to do more components for all my objects and less tags. Let me purge and review!

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