Colour by tag help


I’m pretty new to SketchUp and I am following the tutorial on learn sketchup to help me with a design for a shop. I followed the general steps;

  1. import floorplan files
  2. design 2D floorplan in xray (so I can still see the floorplan jpeg)

I want to add colour by tag, but I think I have a setting wrong…
Can someone have a look or give me a solution?


Please correct your profile, it is clearly wrong. This helps to give correct information.
Please upload the .skp file, this will avoid guessing on our part.
Thank you


I just checked, but my profile seems right to me.
I was using sketchup free first, and have now upgraded to sketchup pro 2022.

I have added the .skp file
Winkel + Verdiep.skp (12.4 MB)

edit style > set by material
and save the style (click on icon with 2 arrows)

That worked slight_smile: