Cleaning up tons of internal faces

Ok, so a friend of mine exported an object from a game called space engineers. It exports only as an obj file. But the inside has tons of face since the object is made up of blocks (think Minecraft but in space and better graphics). He has asked me to clean it up so we can 3d print it. Basically I need to make it empty inside like a normal SketchUp object. Is there a quick way of doing this?


You could start by putting in a section cut so you can see the internal faces. Then delete them.

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Ok, I was either going to section cut or use x-ray. Just wanted to make sure there was not a extension or another way. I will begin the fun as we speak haha


CleanUp3 and Solid Inspector might help but I would attack it manually first to get rid of the bulk of them. Those extensions might actually make things harder to wind up with a solid because they might decide the wrong faces have to go.

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And I forgot that SketchUp can’t import obj… Sigh

Quadface tools I think

well, dang. there are so many faces, that my 12 core cpu machine cant open the file. Waited 20 minutes for SU to import it and it couldnt. would lock up and crash.

i even tried an STL file of the object and same response.

SketchUp only usees one core so the rest of them are just sitting on the sidelines.

How big is the file?

Did it really crash or was it busy working on trying to open the file?

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it crashed, it brought up the window stating a crash.

the file is only 26MB

but so many faces on the inside haha

Maybe you can share the file and one of us might have more success.

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ill share through google drive. I literally just want the shell of the ship. all insides can be removed. I was able to get it to partly load, and then it crashed again. i tried to use cleanup3 But here is a picture of the inside. I wonder if it is easier to just copy the outside faces and past them in place haha

i have 32GB of ram, multiple SSD drives, and a new GPU 8gb

Lightnin_Bug_v1-export.stl - Google Drive

Holey buckets! This is more than just internal faces. Maybe you can find a different application to open it in for cleanup.

Where did you get this model? Maybe you could get the author to extract a simple shell from it in whatever program they used to model it.

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LOL, so in the game space engineers, you can export your creations as OBJ files or STL files so you can 3d print. But it is exporting ALL the blocks and shapes and faces.

ill see if i can find another program. maybe meshmixer might be able to do something…

If you made it in the game, maybe you can make a new version that has none of the interior.

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yeah, thats what i told him to do. it will make it so much cleaner and easier

The Obj Version might be easier to work with as if you are lucky there might be some kind of grouping or hierachy present.