Classic subscription question

Hi, about to purchase a pro version as I need access to layout, though sketchup make has been sufficient so far for my purposes.
I did notice this warning though on the pricing plans and was wondering how this will impact a classic user:
The last day to buy a SketchUp Classic (Perpetual) license and Maintenance & Support renewal will be November 4, 2020. Please be aware that if you purchase a Classic license today, you will not be able to upgrade the Maintenance & Support.

In simple terms, you can buy the Classic license now and you can get the current version of SketchUp but in a year when your Maintenance and Support expires you will need to go for the Subscription to continue keeping SketchUp up to date and to get some of the features that require a current subscription. Choice is yours but at this point if you want to keep things up to date, it would be less expensiive for you to go for the Subscription now.

But I trust the 2020 classic version will still work, assuming I don’t need the upgrades and new features. I am only a casual user at this point.

It should work for a long time. I still have version 3.1 running on my Windows 10 machine.

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