Classic/perpetual licence option ending this year!

My SketchUp retailer told me this?! Anyone else aware of this?

My reseller said that they were meeting with a SketchUp rep this week.

They advised me that I should renew my M&S to keep 2020 beyond the trial period.

Whilst they couldn’t say much, reading between the lines it seems that classic/perpetual will end at some point sooner or later…

big massive :frowning_face:

I need SU Pro but I don’t need Cloud Storage, Ar Mobile Viewer, Vive, Oculus, Hololens or WWR


If the maintenance upgrades to the perpetual licence ends then I’ll have to seriously reconsider SketchUp going forward, or rather staying up to date beyond the last version I qualify for on active maintenance.

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I think that until something official from SketchUp or Trimble is communicated, this is all just “the sky is falling.” It might be that they will stop offering Perpetual licenses but even if they do, we have no idea exactly what that means. Are they going to stop offering them to everyone or just for new users? Who knows? Maybe they will only allow current Classic license holders to continue licensing that way and not sell any new Classic licenses.

I’ve gathered a similar response from my local distributor, ‘Sketchup is moving to a Subscription model…Perpetual licenses will become legacy’. The time frame is uncertain but maybe within the next 12 months.

The info is clearly available from multiple sources so why is it not being communicated?


I got an email about it today. There is information on the website now.