CityGML/Sketchup SRID/SRSName issue


I have been trying to export a SketchUp model to CityGML format. I have used the CityGML Export Plugin. It has worked almost perfectly - I could visualise the extruded model in Cesium after exporting. But! The location is incorrect. How can I set a spatial reference system for the model so that it is displayed in the correct position on the map?

Thanks for any help, tips or pointers.


Is your model geo-located in SketchUp?

This is our problem - we would like to set an SRS but have not been
successful. The buildings appear correctly relative to each other, but when
we export to KML and map on Cesium or Google Earth, the models appear in
the wrong part of the world.

Geo-locate it by adding the latitude and longitude in Model Info>Location.

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