Kmz export is not perfectly correct

My 3d kmz file export turns out to be incorrect when I Open it in Google Earth. The position is almost correct but still a one to a few meters wrong. Is this the 32 bit coordinate error I heard about? Any solution?

What’s the location? How did you get the location in SketchUp? Can you share the SketchUp file that shows the problem?

The skp file is created in fme in epsg 4326 and looks good inside sketchup. The error turns up when I export the file to kmz. I have the file at my work, can post it tomorrow

OK. I’ll watch for the file tomorrow.

Can you give the location so I can attempt creating the location here on my end? What happens if you add the location directly in SketchUp instead of using SketchUp as a go between?

A meter or so of difference would not be unusual if there is any difference in the geodetic datum used in each case or if you can’t enter enough precision in the coordinates. I believe SketchUp uses WGS 1984 datum. I know nothing about fme in epsg 4326 so I can’t say more.

The file is created in fme with terrain model,buildings and trees, edited by architects in sketchup and then Published in Google Earth. So I have to use sketchup in between. The position is Borås near Gothenburg in Sweden

Well, starting with SketchUp’s Add Location I got an area in Borås and added the cylinders.

The export KMZ file seems OK in Google Earth.

It would appear that things fall apart somewhere else. Maybe as Steve suggested it’s due to different datum being used.

Model_example.kmz (99.8 KB)

This is a file with the issue I explained.

Model info lat long according to image

Interesting. With the location I chose for the first image which isn’t that far away from your site, things seemed to line up pretty well. In this spot they don’t. That would indicate there’s different datum between the location sources.

Your KMZ

My SketchUp model:

As KMZ in GE.

I located your model so that the corner of a building was located at the origin in SketchUp. I then created a placemark in Google Earth at the same location. Then I manually geolocated the model to 57.705275N 12.925903E:

The alignment’s not perfect, but it seems reasonable enough.