Circle on a surface, but still not ‘pushable’?

You can see a screenshot on the attached image which clearly shows that between 2 identical circles (or at least looks like they would be identical) just one of them is subject to the Push/Pull tool, the other seems not to be on the same surface, though they are strictly in the same plane. (The yellow is the selection color here in order to not to confuse with blue vertical edges.)

Strange that if you make a copy of this rebel circle in the plane the copied version is already ‘pushable’.
Does somebody have a plausible explanation? Or is this just an ordinary bug? Attached the original model as well (obviously I have deleted the rest of model to avoid confusion).

thermo test.skp (8.0 MB)

This is not an answer why it is works like this, but probably this is a desired feature not a bug…

An explanation how to reproduce:
If you draw another circle around a circle without a face, SU is not making an intersection automatically.

BTW. Your profile shows you are using SU2017 Make, but the file you uploaded is 2020.2.172. Would be nice to update your profile… :wink:

… one more thing:
In my experience this is also typically happening when you are importing geometries from .dwg
Are you doing that?

Well, it might be indeed an explanation, and a really good one. The rebel circle was not drawn directly on the surface, rather by putting an already existing one on the surface. Let me check again though, before marking your answer as a solution.

PS. I currently use 2020 Pro 30-days trial version as I intensively need solid tools feature for my current project. I hope I’ll finish it in 2 weeks. Otherwise I’m not a pro (I mean I don’t make money from SketchUp) hence it’s unlikely that I’ll afford the not really cheap annual subscription, so I’ll probably give up the 2020 pro after trial expiry and I’ll return to 2017 Make.

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Other addition: instead of make a copy you can do it like this to make intersect

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Just a note on this, if you delete things you also need to purge the model, from what you show in the image 8mb is way too big. And will make people on metered connections (like me) think before downloading to help.

Yes, I know very well although in this particular case I thought that the more modifications, the more chances the phenomenon couldn’t be replicated anymore. But indeed, you’re right, I could have more care on this aspect.