Chrome browser specific error "The API developer key is invalid" on a Mac

I have recently been getting the error “The API developer key is invalid.” when I try to save a SketchUp for schools file I create on my Macbook using the Chrome browser. I previously did not have any problems. I can still save when I use Safari, but have not tried any other browsers. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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I also get this when saving to google drive, but I’m on a Windows 10 computer… I really need this file for my school project and I seem to be the only one with this problem in my class
I need help and no one knows what to do, I’ve googled a bunch of things and they all tell me to restart something call “Liferay” but I don’t even have it on my computer or even know what that is
Please, I worked on this project for over 2 hours and I don’t want to do it all over again… I NEED ANSWERS… I’M HAVING A BREAKDOWN CAUSE IDK WHAT TO DO

In Sketchup for Schools do you have a Download option in the hamburger menu (top left of screen) ?

I’m having the same error message in Chrome. “The API developer key is invalid.” I was able to save using Safari. First time (in a long time) user. I tried on Chrome with Mac and PC

and had the issue in both places.

i like how this has been an ongoing major issue for over 6 months now… and mods still have yet to address it

ok… since no mods or developers are addressing it, I have figured I might as well try to mess around with my settings to try and fix it myself… AND I HAVE FOUND IT!!!
After 2 hours, I have finally found it… The answer to what may be our problems
Have you tried disabling your AdBlocker/AntiTracker… it worked for me


Hello all,

I’m sorry for our delay in responding to the original thread here, but we’ve got this issue noted now and a bug has been filed with our team. If others find that the solution mentioned above seems to work for them please let us know, as it might help us troubleshoot.



Could you confirm if you are logging in through Google or Microsoft?

I will try to check for a ad blocker. I have been logging in through Google.

I had looked previously, but didn’t realize one of the extensions had an ad blocker built-in. I turned it off and I am able to save now. Thank you so much @shae.heinhuissherrah858!!!