Chrome Browser crashed, Trimble Connect not autosaving, cannot find 3 days worth of project

Using the free web version, and working off a MacBook Air.
I’ve been working on a project for the past couple weeks, and really got it going this past weekend. When I was putting on the finishing touches earlier today, SketchUp stopped responding, and Chrome quit, closing all my tabs. When I tried to re-open SketchUp, All of the revisions that were made from the last 2 days had disappeared. After 5 minutes of the model being open, it auto-saved, making an old version the newest one. I went to Trimble Connect and saw that my revision history from the last two days had been cleared. There was no prompt asking me to restore an older version, and every method in the SketchUp help center has failed to recover the model. Is there a way to recover the model, or view the revisions that look to have been deleted?