Christmas Card Design (Constructive Criticism)

Christmas Card Cover

(I made the lights. The presents & ornaments are from the 3D Warehouse.)
I made this in one sitting, but hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow. Constructive criticism is welcome.


This has elicited an inner OCD that I didn’t realize lived within me!

My first reaction to the stuff in the lower left corner was “Squash? That’s a Turkey Day thing not a Yule thing!” Then I realize you are (I think) trying to model ornaments. Make them look less alike, and less like gourds!

Next, my eyes got glued to the first “s”, thinking “there’s no way to write that without lifting your pen” and it’s analogy in topology “there’s no way to do that with a single line on a plane.” It took me a bit, but I realized the the connection on the bottom between the R and S isn’t actually a connection, it’s two lampholders whose bulbs overlap. Ahhhh. OCD satisfied.

And where’s the expensive Festool package for me? I don’t think any of those packages are shaped correctly to be a concealed Systainer.

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You might try a little bit of highlight low and off to the lower left to put reflections into the ornaments and open the shadow just a bit. It will help the 3D shape of the ornaments pop out. The same could be true in the upper right back lighting the presents. It has to be subtle, though, not to compete with the glow of the light strings themselves.

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Sure there is and they did it quite perfectly here.

There’s a letter i between them and it’s continuous.

My only suggestion is to cross the t using the end of the y in Merry so there isn’t a stray piece there. That’s from a calligraphy point of view.

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Well… The file won’t open now. I’ve never had this happen before…


Any ideas on how to fix it? I temporarily uploaded the dysfunctional file to the 3D Warehouse in case that helps…

Friendly reminder to always save a backup file…
Oh well… At least I got a render out of it.

I think this is an excellent card design!
Try a version where the string of lights enters from off the page to merry and finishes running off the page after Christmas. :slight_smile:


I think it looks terrific!

Yeah what everyone else said also, but no one is really going to inspect it that critically. Hallmark would probably buy it no questions asked!

And I might add Merry Christmas to all!

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Wow! Thank you for the compliments! Merry Christmas, happy Holidays, and happy New Years to everyone!

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Looks great, the only thing I would say is work out another way to cross the T so you dont have to have an extra part that ruins the illusion !

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Oops! My bad. I was looking at the apparent connection between the I and the S, not the R and the S - where two lampholders and overlapping lamps make it look like it was “drawn”.

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