Rendering Christmas LED Lights

Hi everyone, I’m new to rendering so please be kind to me.

I am trying to decorate a wind turbine for Christmas. Like spread LED wires in a circular arrangement from the mid tower. Something like in the picture, with just curves, representing the LED wires.
I want something very simple.
Is there a way to render it very simply, with some freeware, if possible. Doesn’t have to look very real, just a start or a simple look is fine with me.
Could anyone direct me somewhere, I tried photoshop but that was a miserable failure. I thought direct rendering would be a good idea. Thank you.

Most rendering software gives you a 14 or 30 day trial so given if you just need this one task that might be the way to go. I can’t think of any free rendering software that can do what you’re asking.

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Twilight Hobby render, emmisive material (min 7:05)


mihai.s is on the right track.
I believe that Forestr used Twilight, for this one.


Going to throw in with the others recommending Twilight Hobby. Good results with a shallow learning curve. One thing to point out though… in the image you posted the faces of the center support are reversed. You need to be careful to keep faces of your model oriented properly for most render engines to function properly.