Chinese lantern


I am trying to create a twisted chinese lantern shape and I am having trouble. I thought I could use the follow me tool with a square and twisted line but it does not work. What I am trying to accomplish is to raise and twist the square at the same time in order to get a square twisted pole of some sort. Any thoughts?


Upload the SKP file showing what you’ve got so far and we should be able to help you out with it. Also a photo of the type of lantern would be helpful.

ChineseLantern.skp (2.7 MB)
Thank you Dave for the quick response. The image is a little bit more complex than what I had in mind. I just need that square to raise and twist at the same time. I hope it is clear enough. Thank for any help you can provide.

How about plugin Fredo Scale: Box Twisting. Is this the shape you are looking for?

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