Changing the 3D Printer Volume


Hello. I am using the SketchUp Make 2015, and I am using the template - “3d printing - millimeters”. However, the default size of the printing area is for a different printer than what i have, and i cant change it. Is there a way i can switch to my own printer? (GEEETech pursa i3)

  1. Select the Printer Volume component instance.
  • Open the Component Options dialog

  • You can use the toolbar button, or Window (menu) > Component Options

  • Expand the dropdown list of 3D printers, and select another printer.

  • Make any other desired changes under Window > ModelInfo, and save the template under your own name:

    • File (menu) > Save As Template…


Simple understanding of sketchup and volume would help.
Whatever printer box you choose is nothing more than a visual guide.
Model your project at a workable scale, then resize to fit the printer and export.


Thanks but the printer i have is not on the list. is there a way to add it or customize a new printer?


The 3D Printing Template adds >15,000 mostly hidden 3D Text edges to the model right from the start.

An ‘empty’ model using the 3D Printing Template is 1091.72KB
The same file with the 3D Printer Build Volume component deleted and purged is only 10.37KB

Like @Box says, the printer box you choose is nothing more than a visual guide.
That is, it will not control or limit the size of your model nor tell you the exact overall dimensions.

You might find it easier to work with the Default Template and use ThomThom’s elegant plugin.
It creates a box of guides the exact overall dimensions of the selected Group or Component.

Draw Boundingbox — Extension Warehouse

Use the Tape Measure to measure the guides it creates and then simply Edit > Delete Guides

Importing STL files

Or draw a box, any size > then scale it to Xmm,Ymm,Zmm > then select it and convert its edges to construction lines (plugin to do so) > then select all these construction lines, group them and lock the group. This takes about 10 second.


Thanks everyone, helped me very much.