3D Printing Template

Can anyone please explain why there is a specific Template for 3D Printing?
If I can create viable objects in any other Template, why would I use the one specific to 3D Printing?
Another thing: does anyone have any suggestions for a specific tutorial to use this specific Template?
I know, it seems a bit crazy to talk about this, but I can’t find anything on the web related to this…

PErsonally I wouldn’t use it but … It’s intended to show the scale of typical 3D printers so that new users create their models at a size that will fit. It certainly isn’t required to use it for 3D printing and there is no tutorial specifcially oriented to using it.

When I model for 3D printing I set the units to Meters and model as if millimeters or inches (as appropriate) are meters. Here’s an example. In SketchUp:

Are you still using SketchUp 2017 Make as your profile indicates? Or are you using SketchUp Pro as the category you posted in indicates?

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Thank you for the answer, now I understand the reason for the existence of a specific Template for 3D Printing…
No, I use SketchUp Make 2017. I think I mistyped about the Pro version…
Good tip about the scale of the drawings!
Once again, thank you for your attention!

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Note, too, that if you use the 3D Printing template, make sure that you remove the included “3D printer” model before sending your model to your actual printer. Otherwise it won’t be printable. The printer is only for visual scale.

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