3D Printer Build Volume

First time user.
How do I edit a existing build volume to create one for my K8200 printer?
The K8200 has a build area of 200mm200mm200mm.
None of the listed printers covers this area.

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Which listed printers? Are you talking about something specific, then please specify. I guess you have installed the SketchUp STL extension?

I think Neil is referring to one of the new 3D printing templates. They come with a dynamic component and you can choose one printer and get the build volume.

If you have SketchUp PRO, you can edit the dynamic component and add your printer.

If you only own some printers, it will be faster to create a template with the build volumes for your own printers…

Sorry for the delay, my telephone line is playing up (kills ADSL)

Correct, I only have the one above printer. How do I make a 200m cube frame for my printer?


I went to the 3dwarehouse and typed in printer template and the first thing on the list was this

Then I opened it to see what you are wanting.
It’s a cube with 5 faces deleted, is that all you want?
Draw a square 200mm x 200mm, push/pull to 200mm, select 5 faces and delete them.
If you want a grid on the floor either use an image as a texture or make an array of edges to form a grid or install the Grid tool from the Extension Warehouse and give it a grid.
Then select all of it, make it a group and lock it.