Change Workspace Template from Makerbot replicator x2 to MakerGear M2

Hello guys,

First post to this community.
The current workspace template loads the Makerbot replicator x2 but i want to design within my own bed limits to MakerGear M2.
Is there any way to change this setting to sketchup?


You can create your own template and include a component to represent the limits of your printer if you wish. There’s certainly no reason it needs to be as detailed as the OEM-supplied template that includes the Makerbot. If you start from that template, delete the Makerbot component from the model space and purge the unused component from the In Model components library.

I personally would rather just have a blank space to work in but if you feel the need to show the available table limits, you could probably get by with a face on the ground plane and one representing the back height. Whatever you do, keep it simple and make it a component.

Maybe something like this:

You could even delete the bottom face.

When you’ve completed customizing your template use File>Save as template… to save it.

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Couldn’t have said it better, unfortunately the 3d printing template is really just a bloated embarrassment


Thanks for the swift response. Just doing this!