Changing page type to Cover Page


I am having trouble with finding how to create a Cover Page and Inside Pages in Layout 2017.
I know when you select a template it has a Cover Page by default, however from a blank A3 page I would like to add these page types.
Reasons for this is so that I can use the move to ‘Cover Page’ layer and ‘On Every Inside Page’ layer features.

Thanks in advance.

Some templates do have cover pages but they aren’t anything terribly special. To create a template with a cover page and inside pages from a plain paper template do the following.

Create at least one additional page. Rename the first one ‘Cover Page’ by double clicking on the page name and typing the new name.

Create a layer called ‘On Cover Page’ and rename the ‘Every Page’ layer to ‘On Every Inside Page’.

Make as many inside pages as you need. With the Cover Page selected as the current page (blue highlight), turn off the visibility for the On Every Inside Page layer with the eye icon.

For the other pages, turn off the Cover Page layer and turn on the On Every Inside Page layer.

You should also consider making layers for the types of entities you’ll have in your project. As an example, this is the layers panel from one of my templates.

The four bottom most layers are for content like title block text, page numbers and borders. The sheet size is Arch E and the documents get folded in a specific way so the Fold Lines are a guide to help me avoid putting important information where it might disappear when the paper has been folded and unfolded too many times. Note the layers that are shared and not shared.

I frequently stack viewports from my SketchUp models so I have three layers already. Sometimes I add additional model layers if a project needs it. Model is set as the current layer (pencil icon) by default so that when I send to LO from SU, the first viewport is automatically placed on that layer.

The layer called ‘Model–dashes’ is for viewports showing dashes from SU, a feature added in SU2019.

All project specific text such as dimensions and labels and LO drawing entities are on the topmost layers so that they show over the viewports and don’t disappear behind them.


Ah very good. Thanks DaveR
Appreciate your help on this, all sorted.:+1:

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