Changing line weights with touching lines in Layout

How can we change line weights with touching or connecting lines in Layout? I’ve tried selecting line segments but it has not worked. For example, my patio outlines should be heavier than the score/joint lines, but I cannot make them different because they are connected. thanks!

Maybe more of a SketchUp adjustment, than a Layout one:

Did you try adjusting the Profile settings within SketchUp?. . . Depending upon grouping strategies these could get you what you need.

See >Windows >Styles. . . . ‘Edit’ button,. . . EDGE settings,… ‘Profiles’ box (checked), and adjust line value to suit your needs.

True line weight independence might be difficult to achieve across the entire drawing. Not necessarily impossible, but very time consuming, so much so that it might be impractical on some large models.

I suspect that the SketchUp developers are working hard on bringing more line weight settings into the program(s), but then that might only be my wishful thinking at play. But hopefully not.

  • Profile settings affect the perimeter lines of all connected geometry. (and these defaults are probably all you need)…

but outcome can be adjusted…

  • Grouping can help establish how SU defines a perimeter.

  • Grouping a single line will always guarantee that it’s rendered with
    the values set in the Profiles settings.

A little playing around with these elements should be able to accommodate a lot of different line weight configurations.

May need to overlay independently grouped lines on top of others to force a heaver weight in some areas.

Example above is an ungrouped box with it’s subdivisions (on the left),… and the same box with lower half set into a group (on the right)… which forces ( /includes ) the mid line into the perimeter set. for a lack of better wording.

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Thanks for the useful tips for SU
I just wish there were ways to accomplish the same in LO.

The best workflow is to create the desired view in SketchUp, with the profile settings saved in a style, save the view as a scene and set your LayOut viewport to reference that scene. The SketchUp Model tab in LayOut has a line width setting that will apply to the “1” width in SketchUp, and the profiles and section edges will display as multiples of that.

For the moment, the only way to manipulate individual lines in Layout is to turn the view into vector rendering and explode it. This transforms it into a group of LayOut lines, but it loses its associativity with your model, so, if the model changes you will have to repeat the process.


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Thanks, Anssi
Useful tips. Exploding the rendering helps - but it should be simpler, I think.