Changing from Architectual mode into Woodworking mode in Sketchup for Web

I’m new to Sketchup for Web. It booths up in Architectual mode. How do I get into Woodworkers’ mode ?

The only difference would be the units. Start a new file and choose Fractional units if you want. Or millmeters if that’s more appropriate.
Screenshot - 3_13_2023 , 8_39_44 AM

Thanks for the reply. The perspectives and scales are nothing like the ones in the Tutorials for the woodworkers mode. Can I get into the Woodworkers mode in this version of Sketchup?

What do you mean? What tutorials are you referring to? There isn’t a specific “Woodworkers mode” in SketchUp. The desktop version has Woodworking templates but the only real difference between them and the Archtectural templates is the units and how close the Camera is zoomed in. There’s no specific Woodworking template in SketchUp Free but you can set the units as I described and then roll the scroll wheel to zoom in as needed.

OK, Maybe I just have not zoomed in far enough. I’ll try it. More than one of the YouTube videos show going into a Sketchup for Woodworkers mode. I’ll try using Architectual mode again! Thanks again.

Again, there is no Woodworkers mode. If you are watching videos that were recorded using a desktop version, the author might have selected a Woodworking TEMPLATE. As I told you, the only difference is the units.

Draw a rectangle on the ground plane the size of the first part you want to model and zoom in so it’s a reasonable size on screen.

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