Changing components picture


I am in the process of preparing a few models for the 3DWarehouse. I want things to be just right, but when viewing the components “in model”, many of the icons for the components show a bad angle.

How do I control the angle that appears in the icon in the first place?

Can it be changed after it is created?



ModelInfo > File > (checkbox) Redefine thumbnail on save

I have a template that has a “Thumbnaill” scene, that uses a “Thumbnail” style. I use this scene to create the thumbnail. I check the box (in the ModelInfo dialog,) save the model, and uncheck the box again.

So, basically the thumbnails are changing each time you save the component file. You need to open the component as a model, set the camera angle you want, save it with the checkbox checked, and uncheck the box.

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Hello! What if I would like to have multiple components to have icons at the same angle, how could I handle that? I tried to play around with different settings of projection and view - whenever I press those settings with a model at a different angle, it brings me different results. Is there any button that would bring the model to a certain default state with each new session? Because my eyes are bleeding when I see icons of components that are not aligned to each other. The components are similar, but different in size, so different angles are noticeable. I’ve got tired of exploding and re-doing the components time and time again.


  1. Use a template with a scene page set up with the desired camera position and viewing angle, for new component files.

  2. For existing component files, you can use one of the camera memory extensions to copy cameras between model files. I think Eneroth has one in the Extension Warehouse.

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