Sketchup 2022 'Save As' component thumbnails don't udpate when saved over or when saving new

In Sketchup 2022 Right Click > Save As component thumbnails aren’t updating when saving a component for the second time, either over itself or as a new component. The first thumbnail remains the same for all saves.

To recreate:

  1. Place or make a component.
  2. Right Click > Save As > Save - a file with a thumbnail is created.
  3. Move camera or change something in the component.
  4. Right Click > Save As > Save (over or as a new component) > The thumbnail is the save as the first.

Same issue when using the API save_as

This is a very serious problem, unfortunately bringing us back to using Sketchup 2021.

We reported this bug in the issue tracker: ComponentDefinition#save_as and #save_copy always generate thumbnail from same angle · Issue #765 · SketchUp/api-issue-tracker · GitHub

Please respond… someone?

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