Changing back of lower windows into a component

I’ve figured out how to toggle entire front face invisible. However, there are some obvious problems. I was unable to make the back of the lower windows into a component like I could in the upper windows. This (or something else) has produced Z fighting.

Any ideas?

Peter Enns
Closing Components in Front Face
LH Hexagon Jan 15 8 am.skp (210.5 KB)

Hi Peter,

The Z fighting told me that there were two overlapping faces. So I turned the window visibility on and off to confirm. You can see that I almost accidentally started drawing on the Hexagon. Then I clicked a bunch of times to drill down and get into the context of Front Face. I traced the window. When I clicked there I could see that just that area was selected, so I cut it out (ctrl + x).

Thank you very much. I was able to replicate your work. I do not know the logic behind the CmdX thing. But, it worked.

Peter Enns

Glad to hear. It’s a win for Team Peter!

I use Windows, so ctrl + x, will delete or cut most things I select. I’m not sure if you use CmdX or OptionsX on a Mac. Regardless of the keys, you got it.

There is another issue with your beams. The Upper Beam component includes what would be the back of the wall.

You can see it when the Beam is moved. I often use the Move Tool and then use crtl + Z. That way I can move something to see if is isolated or not and then just move it back into place using Undo. There must be a Mac Undo command. Or just use the undo button.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 122339

I’m not saying it’s wrong to use ctrl x for delete but it can be problematic if you happen to want to delete something while you have something else copied that you want to paste. If you use ctrl c to copy something and then want to delete something before you use the paste option, using ctrl x will overwrite whatever you first copied with ctrl c.

ctrl x or cmd x cut the selected object to the clipboard ready for pasting, the delete key will simply delete the selection.

I only really mention this as I don’t want Peter getting even more confused by ‘magic’ key combinations.

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Yes, I agree.

In the case of move and ctrl + z, Move and Undo from the toolbars may have been better:

Or Cut and Paste from the toolbar:

With the latest version of the Hexgon House we can also see how cutting and pasting, in and out of context, could come in handy along with using the eraser instead of (the ‘invisible’) ctrl + x.