Why did adding a strip cause Z fighting?

See the 2 animated GIFs. When I add the final line to make a solid strip on the right-hand half of the hexagon, Z fighting begins. It will not stop after I pull that strip up?

How do I get rid of that Z fighting?

Peter Enns
Z fighting after added 4" strip on right hand side

When Z fighting starts
LH Hexagon Jan 1 afternoon.skp (252.5 KB)

There seems to be a copy.

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I don’t understand. What’s the significance of the video you made?

Peter Enns

In my opinion it shows that you aren’t making components or groups of everything and that is causing the parts of your structure to merge.

I’ll post some videos momentarily.

I would create components out of everything. So here is a hexagon that I used to make a “Shell” and “Wall” component.

Then I’d start working with the components.

Here I draw ON, not IN the component to layout a window.

Then I went into the Wall Component and traced a line on the wall so I could remove the wall using Push-Pull where the window needs to fit.

I selected all of the loose window geometry and created a component out of that. I then toggled the visibility of the Window component off which allowed me to see only the lines I had drawn on the Wall component. That was removed using Push-Pull.

Then I clicked into the Window component and selected the area that I want for the frame. I Pushed that back.

I’d make the Panes, Frames, etc., components if I continued.

Thank you very much for your instructions including fine videos.

However, I cannot replicate it. I made the windows and saved them as a component. I toggled the visibility of the window system off. Then I tried cutting out the windows. It just would not work no matter how many times I tried.

Please check out my work and give me a solution.

Peter Enns
Push:Pull not working
Alternative LH Hexagon.skp (253.1 KB)

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Until you grasp the basic concept of ‘Context’ you will not progress.
You must work in the correct context for geometry to interact. The whole point of groups and components is to separate geometry into individual packages. You must enter those package to edit them or you are simply creating new geometry outside the context of the package.
And with regard to that, Why do you keep creating components and then explode them? What are you expecting that to do?

You can see here how the z-fighting is showing you that the faces you want to work with are in the wrong context, they are outside the component that has the face that you wish to put the holes in. So I copy them and paste in place them into the correct context and then they easily pushpull.
GIF 3-01-2024 2-02-34 PM
No you won’t find copy and paste in place in the right click menu, they are in the edit menu or keyboard shortcuts.


Here I’ll just doodle around.

First, I don’t like to have the Profile Edges on because the lines look too big to me and it makes it harder to see when lines are not on Faces. Then I delete the Guides as they make it tougher to see what is going on (in my opinion).

In this one I look at what the Groups are. It’s not clear to me what is being grouped conceptually. So, I draw a, “Hex Side”, on the group. My only reason for doing that was to create a Component (Hex Side). There’s no reason your Groups couldn’t be Components. And you could use Groups. I just like to make Components and then Group them together.

Once I make the component, I use the Move tool and copy it (Press M, Press CTRL to Copy), then move the Component to where I want it. Once it is placed, I use the Rotate Tool (Press Q) to rotate the component into position. Notice that you want to Move the Component from a point that is easy to place and rotate from.

If you run into a snag you can press Escape or CTRL+Z to undo it like I did when I tried to Rotate from the wrong spot.

Here I group all of the Hex Side Components. I use left click and hold down the CTRL button to select all of them in the Outliner. There’s a little glitch when clicking the Group name… I usually click about 5 times before it lets me rename the Group to what I want.

After I group all of the components together, I click into the Hex Sides Group (the Group Context) and then I click into a Hex Side component (the Component Context) in order to use Push-Pull. You can see this happening: first the big blue box is highlighted (the Group), then the Component is highlighted (the component). The Group bounding box turns into dotted lines when the Component is selected. Then when the component context is entered the component bounding box also turns into dotted lines.

Here I turn the visibility of the Grouped Components off and turn the visibility of your groups on so I can erase them.

Here again I just traced what looked like it could be a beam and turned that into a component. The main point here is that I drew on the Front Hexagon Component - Not inside of its context.

Here I make front components. There are other ways to do most of the things I’ve done in these videos. The takeaway is to make distinct components - of whatever makes conceptual sense to you - and pay attention to the CONTEXT you are working in.

[quote=“Box, post:9, topic:253773”]
Why do you keep creating components and then explode them? What are you expecting that to do?
[/quote]I’ve been exploding the components or groups because I’ve had greater success with Push/Pull when I do that. I guess you are implying that I should never do that.

Otherwise, I’d like to tell you that I really appreciate your comments. I think that they will really help me progress. I’m so close to being able to make the building that was given me in 2D. I believe you helped close the gap. Thank you.

A radial array would be far more efficient.
And it makes more sense to make the component aligned with the axes so the bounding box is smaller.
GIF 3-01-2024 5-38-32 PM

I agree completely on both counts. I’m trying to keep it simple and go step by step to show Peter the basics.

Tracing shapes, as I did, isn’t efficient either. I guess I thought it was cleaner to redraw.

There are always many ways to do things in Sketchup.