Changing assigned licensed user

We are considering moving from SketchUp Pro 2017 with Classic licensing to 2021 on subscription. In the past we have moved the 2017 licenses from one PC to another which is cumbersome. For 2021, what if we assign a user to a seat and then they leave or their work does not take them into SketchUp? Can I effect a user name and email address change so another user can activate the seat on their machine? If you know what I mean, look at Adobe and Autodesk on how licensing is managed. I would hope the same or similar process can be followed.


Yes, you can remove the existing user from the list, and add someone new. The old employee won’t be able to use SketchUp by signing in anymore, unlike with Classic, where if they made a note of the license they could add it to a personal machine after leaving you.

Something to know, there is a 60% discount offer, where you could get the first two years for $240 each instead of $598 each. I think you have two 2017 licenses, and should be able to get the offer on each one. Might be worth phoning sales to make sure you get the right discount.

Thanks Colin!

Is adding and removing user done though a admin portal with a different sign in? I will also make note of the offer.


The admin for the account need not be one of the users. It’s handled on this page:

This article explains the things you can do:

Hi Colin,

If you send us the sales phone number we can move to 2021 today.


303-546-1100, option 1.

Luckily for us, they are busy these days, and you may need to wait for a call back from the salesperson.

Good for y’all and Trimble.

I am trying he online chat :blush: