Changing an imported part from top view to front view


I got a drawer knob from the warehouse and placed it in my drawing. It’s a top view and I need it to be front. Can you explain how to do it?



hello, rotate it 90 degrees along green or red plane (holding right or left arrow)


Do I select the part, then use rotate, Then flip along green?




Thank you very much Paul.


Any chance you could show me how to scale the part to different sizes?

Thanks again for your extra effort.


You might also find the Move tool useful for rotating a component about its center.

If the knob is something you plan to use more than once, it would be worth changing its axes to align with the way you would use it. And in the future, if you make your own knobs and pulls, make them with the correct orientation from the beginning and you won’t have to futz with them to get them oriented correctly.

Note, the component’s origin is its insertion point when you bring the component into the model from the 3D Warehouse or from the Components window. If you set the origin and the component’s axes correctly, you’ll find it becomes very simple to put the component exactly where you want it. Here’s an example showing a few of the knobs and pulls I’ve drawn over the years. You can see how their origins and axes are location. Not only does it make it simple to drop the component where it needs to go but it also makes it simple to exchange them if I want to use different hardware.


Scaling Your Model or Parts of Your Model:

Measure a distance between two points with the tape measure tool, then type in the distance you want it to become. Press Enter, then click Yes (resize the model or active component).


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