Changes to Sketchup 3D Warehouse

Why do I have to acknowledge the Terms of use for EVERY time I select an item? Seems like you could acknowledge this once in your License term or at the very least every session I work on a file. Ridiculously tedious when your working fast.

Also when selecting different items from the single search title you used to be able to click the back arrow upper left corner to go back to the same page to survey.

so far I’ve added several unnecessary,steps for every selections when the goal is to reduce steps in the work flow.
Lastly , and yes I’m high on caffeine, it would be great to rate models in the 3D warehouse. I’ve so far selected 5 different groups of books and in every instance the author has not made each book a unique component thus keeping me from reducing, moving, arranging different configurations I’d give it a 2 of 5 rating.

Thanks for indulging my pet peeves.

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Ha, thanks for the bug. We’ll fix.

Workaround: search for something, download a file from the search results page, accept Terms of Service or login, then it should go away. Thanks for finding that. We’ll add to our regression tests (which currently only confirmed that download worked).

We don’t have an immediate way of saving searches, just collections. So you could use a search term, search for collections instead of models, and save the top results (ordered by popularity or most liked) in your own collection.

Rating via Likes (the heart), and getting popularity (based on views and downloads), can be used when you order your search (upper right on the page once you search for something). Or saving collections of authors you like. Those are your current choices. There’s a feature request for curated content, or perhaps finding some author who has similar tastes and needs, and using their (curated) collections.

Good feedback. Thanks.

ps - on these forums, you’ll have to apply for a theraputic use exemption for extra amounts of caffeine so you wont receive a 2 year ban. Those who need asthma inhalers or more than 50 SketchUp extensions should also contact their local Anti-Doping Agency.


Not sure I’m interpreting your statement properly…but if I am, what I do is:
*do a search
*refine if necessary
*open models that catch my interest in a new tab
That way, I can always close the tab(s) of any model, and the search page will always be right where I left it

Hope this helps

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