Change Tag Color Window is Off Screen

I have previously found information on how to move off screen windows back into view by using the alt+shift and move. I recently made changes to my monitor setup and now find that when I select a tag color to change it, the color options window is not visible. After using the alt+shift and then move method, no matter where I move the arrows on my screen, the not visible tag color options window is no where to be seen. I have also tried resetting the SketchUp Workspace. Please help.

Actually it is alt+space…



I misspoke and meant to say alt+spacebar. So I did have that right, but was trying to use the mouse to drag the tag color window back into view. Your advice on hitting the arrow keys was the the solution. I guess my window was so far out of the view the mouse could not bring it back. Once in view, or close to the edge of the screen, a window can be moved with the mouse when using alt+spacebar.

Thanks for your expertise!

Not really.
Actually you MUST HIT one of the arrow key in any case. The method works only if you exactly follow as described. :innocent: You can see in the demonstration below the mouse movement will be able to “catch” the window after hitting the arrow key.