Change layer automatically when dimensioning


It would be great if when drawing dimensions the layer would automatically change to a layer designated for dimensions, then change back to the previous layer when drawing/doing something else.


Hi @rboppy

There’s an easy way to select all dimensions in the current modeling context.
Thus selected, all can be assigned to a new layer at once.
Window > Model Info > Dimensions > Select All Dimensions


There are also various plugins (including mine) that can select all dimensions and move them to a layer of your choice.


Got it, no problem selecting all dimensions, how do I assign them to a new layer?


Same as for any other entities: either the entity info window or a layers toolbar.


It sounds like you may be putting things on layers by changing the active layer. If this is the case you need to read up on how layers work.


Thanks everyone, everything is quite easy once you get it figured out.


Just to be straight, one should enter everything into Layer0, then move whatever to the layer of your choice, right?


One should always draw everything on layer0. Primitive geometry (edges and faces) should stay there else very confusing visibility issues will result. Dimensions are a bit of a special case, since they don’t interact with other geometry (except, of course, to track the size of an associated entity), don’t cause inference snaps, and are confusing only when the object they measure isn’t visible.


Raw geometry remains on Layer0. Wrap that geometry with either a group or component wrapper. Place the groups/components on different Layers.