Change font in Layout 2019

I am using the new layout 2019 and for some reason, I couldn’t change my dimension font anymore. When I double click into the dimension number, the number turns into a “<>” and if I just change the font with “<>” and exit the group, nothing will happen. The “<>” will change back to the number but the font still stays the same.
But if I delete the “<>” and put in a number myself, then change the font, the font will be changed, however then this number will be a fixed number rather than a real dimension.
The font I am trying to change to is FLUX ARCHITECT. I was able to change it in the layout 2018, but since I updated to 2019, I wasn’t able to do so.

There’s no need to double click on the dimension. Just select the whole thing with one click and change the font. Same thing for labels and other text.

Flux Architect is known to be problematic. It is an iffy font because it is not well made.

Thank you, I realized it is the font itself that are not making the changes. Will go with a different font.