Change colour of 2D item

Hello friends, I have uploaded a 2D item from a manufacturer’s website into Sketchup. How do I go about changing its colour from black to for example red? I will be sending it to Layout to create technical drawings.

You can change the color of the edges in the styles panel under the Edit Section. See below:

And now red!

This will change how edges are displayed, … in a different color, but for the entire model.
To change only the edges in your imported 2D item you can paint edges and set the edge color display style to: By material. Different edges now can have different colors.


Thank you. By material colour window is disabled for me, any idea how to enable it? I’ve highlighted the edges to change.

It’s not disabled. You have set edge color to show the color of the materials applied to the edges. The color swatch is not available because the color will be determined by the material you have applied to the edges. You need to apply the material with the Paint Bucket tool.

Style settings are for the entire model not just a selection of edges.

Hi Dave, ok, got it. However, it still does not work with 2D model. When I added a rectangle inside the model, it worked but just for the rectangle. I have added a rectangle around the 2D model lines thinking that it needs a face, but it does not work again. Any thoughts?

Are you applying the material to the groups or to the edges. You should be applying them to the edges which requires opening the groups for editing.

What are you drawing and why are you using a 3D modeling application to make a 2D drawing?

Once you learn how to use it, SketchUp/Layout is ideal for 2D work & you can still produce a 3D drawing when required, I have been doing this since SU 6!