Change Axis Option Missing from Component

Total newb here, and I’m trying to change the axes a component will glue to a surface on. Every tutorial and forum post I can find referencing this says to right click the component and select “Change Axis.”

Problem is, this option is completely missing for me, and I can’t find any equivalent option anywhere.
The component I’m trying to work with is a simple 1x6 board so I could just create a new one and get the axis right from the first place, but then I would have to create multiple component copies if I want it to glue from a different axis, and it would only get worse for me with more complex components in the future.

See missing option from right click menu:

You have right clicked on a face not on a component.

Well, that would do it.

Using the select tool, I can select faces of the component, and edges, and the whole component as a group by click dragging, but it still seems to register the object as its individual parts rather than a single component, which still brings up the same menu. How do I make the selection treat the object as a component?

Have you actually made it a component, and if you did was the little box bottom left of the make component dialog checked that says replace geometry.

I dragged it directly from the component menu to the surface it’s on.

Well you must have it open for editing, close it and right click on it that way.

Now that I’m looking at your image on a pc rather than my phone I can tell you what you have selected in that image is not a component, it has no bounding box neither open or closed.

Make it a Component.

Keep an eye on Entity Info.
It’s your guide to what you’re working with.
Your screenshot clearly indicates a Face is selected.