Change 3D Rectangle Into Tube



I’m drawing a structure supported by scaffolding-type tubes. However, initially I drew the tubes as 3D rectangles (see photo attached). Is it possible to convert the existing rectangular shapes into tubes? The tube in the photo I simply drew manually to show the outcome I wanted but it would be tedious to re-draw all of them because there are many.

Any help would be massively appreciated.




Did you make the columns as components?
If you did, then you should be able to edit one of them and they all would change.


Hi Thomas,

That’s great, I did. Could you tell me what to click in order to do the change?




Select a component-instance.
Right-click Context-menu > Edit Component
You are then inside the component and can select/delete/move/change its geometry.
So in your case - select and erase/delete the vertical parts of the box forming the rectangular post.
Draw a Circle centered on the base’s left over square, PushPull it up to the required height - given by the left over top square.
Erase the unwanted top/bottom squares.
Exit the Edit - either though the Context-menu or by being in Select and picking outside of the component’s ‘bounds’.

All columns using that definition should now appear updated.
If you have more than one component definition either repeat the editing on those that that ‘different’, or if they are the same as one you’ve already adjusted you can select the wrong ones and use the Component Browser to select the required version and use Replace Selection fly-out option - then the select items are changed to use the same definition…


Make the round one you drew into a component.
Select all the component instances that you want to replace. (in the modeling window)
Then: window>components>in model (the little house)
you should now see the round component.
Right click the round component
Choose “Replace Selected” from the context menu to complete the swap.



Perfect, it works. Thanks very much!